BMX Shows for your event with the FAC It's BMX Show team

You are looking for an individual BMX show for your event or festival? FAC offers some of the best professional BMX riders to make your event spectacular, special and first of all unforgettable! Our BMX shows are unique high level performances with a maximum art of movment but with minimum needs when it comes to facilities. To create a great BMX show we only need a few square meters of flat area. No ramps or any other cost- intensive infrastructure is necessary! Thats a massive advantage wich also makes our BMX shows affordable for smaller events with smaller budgets. From performances on trade fairs or conventions upto huge stage BMX shows, our BMX show team always put a spell on the audience! Riding BMX shows is our passion! But we love and live the Bmx lifestyle in general and our goal is to spread this feeling with the help of FAC and show that incredible sport to everybody! In that case we also offer:

  • Placement of our professional riders for your show performances and advertising campaigns
  • Conception and realisation of events for clients
  • Boost Bmx Flatland in general together with all associated activities

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posted by daniel fuhrmann (2014-10-24)

Halloween Discount


Days become shorter again and temperatures droping below freezing point very soon. After an awesome BMX summer this can be very depressing. For that reason we are sweetening that season with our Halloween discount weeks now! Get a 15% discount on all products on stock!

It`s that easy:

Just use the code word (order summary step 2 of 4 / payment method):


Offer period until 11.11.2014. All discounted products are included too.

posted by daniel fuhrmann (2014-10-16)

wethepeople 2015 BMX bikes review by kunstform?! BMX Shop - Part 2

After the first part of wethepeople new 2015 bmx bikes was release last week, kunstform?! BMX Shop drop the second part of middle and high class!

posted by daniel fuhrmann (2014-10-07)

wethepeople 2015 BMX bikes review by kunstform?! BMX Shop - Part 1

Finally kunstform?! BMX Shop got the new 2015 BMX Bikes from wethepeople BMX which is well known for high quality bmx parts and fresh designs that's why we did a special product review of this interessting bike line to check what is the state of art so far!

posted by daniel fuhrmann (2014-09-15)

Little Poser - Streetwear for Kids

I think this could be something interessting because so far is quite difficult to find some kids clothing for bmx fathers :-) ! That's why a friend of mine just open a new shop where you can order all the real cool stuff of VANS, Shadow, Subrosa, Mankind etc. just for your kids! So check out little poser - streetwear for kids and give them some support!

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Little Poser - Clothing, Shoes, Bikes & Boards for Kids

Check the little Shadow hoodie 

How nice is this little Vans shoe